Individual Floortime Sessions

Using techniques based upon DIR/Floortime, a developmental and relationship-based approach to intervention, we will draw out your child’s social, communication, and imaginative capacities through play, meeting your child where he or she is at and working from within to increase interaction, joy, and complexity of play. Parents and caregivers are encouraged to observe in order to gain skills and knowledge, and to enhance their own ability to engage in Floortime at home. Through discussion of observations, parents and caregivers will learn the basic principles for creating a continuous flow of reciprocal interaction, enabling them to more fully engage their child. Floortime sessions are 50 minutes in length unless otherwise arranged.

Facilitated Playdates

Using the same principles described above, and starting from the interests of your child and one sibling or friend, we will facilitate peer interaction, bridge gaps in communication, assist with recognizing and responding to social cues, and help create and sustain genuine friendship. Facilitated playdates are 50 minutes in length unless otherwise arranged.

Integrated Drama Groups

Based on Pamela Wolfberg’s Integrated Play Groups model, Integrated Drama Groups are small groups of children with autism and competent peer partners which meet weekly and use drama games, exercises, and structured improvisation to increase capacity for socialization, communication, and imagination with special emphasis on reading social cues, problem-solving challenging social situations, and learning dramatic skills. IDG sessions are one hour in length unless otherwise arranged.

Parent/Caregiver Coaching and Support

Coaching and support sessions can be scheduled with or without your child present.

With your child present, we will focus on helping you learn from your child’s developmental profile and giving you skills to successfully engage in warm social interaction, reciprocal play, as well as manage your child’s sensory and behavioral needs. Through demonstration of techniques followed by gentle, supportive coaching of your own play with your child, we will help you to maximize the joy and opportunities for learning that you and your child obtain from spending time together.

Without your child, we can address any concerns you have about his or her development, education, friendships, therapeutic programs, behaviors, progress, and anything else you can think of. We can strategize about your home environment, discuss techniques for ensuring that multiple caregivers are “on the same page” about how to engage with your child, and work through any other concerns you might have. I am not a psychotherapist, so we cannot delve into the realm of couples counseling, but anything else is fair game.

Coaching and support sessions are 50 minutes in length unless otherwise arranged.

School Consultation

I am also available to consult with your child’s teacher, observe your child’s classroom, and help put into place tools and strategies to maximize his or her learning in the school setting. I can train teachers, aides, or other staff members on how best to support your child in the classroom or on the playground. The family-school relationship is one of the most important for a child’s success, and together we can ensure clear communication and successful cooperation and collaboration between parties.

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