David-003-2659337491-OWelcome to the private practice of David Neufeld, Ph.D. Located in the San Francisco Bay Area, David specializes in supporting the social development of children with autism and related disorders through play and drama. He provides play-based intervention (primarily using techniques based upon the DIR/Floortime model) for children individually, in pairs, or in groups, and works closely with parents, teachers, and other team members to maximize communication, social engagement, and imagination in a variety of social and educational settings.

David passionately believes that following the lead of children, meeting them on their own terms, and playfully pushing the boundaries from within is the best way to create positive change. Focusing on the strengths of your child (and not just the challenges), and using his or her unique interests as a starting point, David will find ways into play and once engaged, help your child to  complete more circles of communication, find the joy in social interaction, and add complexity and richness into his or her existing play schemes.

David also enjoys working closely with parents and caregivers to identify, plan, and work towards familiesʼ short and long term goals. As your child’s first point of contact with the world, your family is the key to his or her success. With an emphasis on openness, communication, and trust, David helps support the growth and daily lives of your child and family.

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